Healthcare Services and Management Consultancy

As Business Planners and Executive Managers of Clinical Services, we provide professional guidance for successfully building your medical practice or allied health facility. We take “guess work” out of the realisation of your dream medical system and develop effective Marketing Strategies and Competitive Surveys for our Clients.

We offer Organizational Assessments using Professional Medical Systems Auditors, dedicated to assisting our healthcare clients in enhancing their medical practices to improve performance by incorporating new clinical technology for advancement with supportive Information Technology Resource Management.

We bring Strategic Management Advisory Services, as well as Governance Education & Support to our clients who want to be in the business of practicing medicine not rummaging through paperwork and other administrative challenges. As Medical Software Developers, we design customized systems that are focused on building revenue, reducing expenditures, and efficiently utilizing staff manpower.

General Health Consultancy of Any Nature

Strategic Healthcare Management Advisory Services

Health Information Technology Resource Management

Health Systems Governance & Support

Organizational Assessment Consultancy

Healthcare Business Financial Analysis & Management

Health Insurance, Risk management & Clinical Governance

Supply Chain Cost Analysis and Management

Interim Executive & Non-Executive Management

Marketing Strategy Development & Competitive Survey of the Healthcare Market